Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Barbara MacKay Is A Dynamo

Barbara MacKay and her efforts to raise money for cancer research are featured in the current YES!Weekly.

Barbara lost her husband to leukemia in 1993. She immediately decided to convert her grief into positive energy. She organized a golf tournament in 1994 that has become an annual event. So far, those tournaments have raised over $500,000.

Last year she added Sports Night! to her efforts and convinced Ricky Proehl to be roasted by his teammates in public. This year Sports Night! featured Herb Sendek, Skip Prosser, and Bobby Cremins.

Maybe this energetic dynamo needed something else to do, because this year she added Starlight, Star Bright to her event schedule. She organized and successfully hosted all three events between late May and early October. And she managed to squeeze in her own wedding in between.

She one great lady, and I am glad to call her a close friend.


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