Saturday, March 04, 2006

Baby Update

Kristen is 39 weeks pregnant today. With her history of hypertension, the textbooks say the baby should have been induced or taken by C-section around 38 weeks. That is what happened with our first (induction, then C-section).

This time, though, Kristen's blood pressure has remained low, and as a result this baby has grown much better than our first. The last ultrasound pegged this baby exactly on the 50th percentile for weight. Baby #2 will be about 50% bigger than Sarah.

We are headed to Women's Hospital for a 5:45am appointment Monday morning to induce labor. That is too damn early, but it gives us a good shot of going from induction to delivery during a single nurse's shift, which starts around 7am.

My mom was head nurse of labor and delivery at Women's for years, and Kristen's sister is a former labor and delivery nurse who is about to graduate from nurse practitioner school. Kristen's OB is also great, so we are in very good hands technically. Heck, I might be able to kick up my heels on Monday. I wonder if Women's has Wi-Fi?

Sometime after the baby arrives, I will have a full report. Until then, we will be accepting all prayers, warm thoughts, and good vibes.


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