Sunday, March 12, 2006


This is the 15th year I have run an NCAA pool. In our pool, you pick only rounds one and two at the start. After those rounds, you are issued a fresh bracket with the 16 teams that are still alive, then you pick rounds three and four. Then, the same routine for the final four.

This format means no pool player is eliminated if his/her tourney winner pick loses in the second round. Every pool player has a chance to make up ground with good picks after the tourney starts, since each round is worth more points than the previous round.

Most NCAA pools require you to pick the entire tournament in advance. Our pool players have the chance to stay in the race to the very end, regardless of an upset here or there. If you are interested in playing this pool, send me a note, and I will get you all the information.

DISCLAIMER - If you are a fed, this pool is strictly for entertainment purposes only.


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