Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pitts On Hypocrisy

"Put simply, I've had it up to here with the moral hypocrisy and intellectual constipation of Bible literalists."

Leonard Pitts' column from yesterday was provocative and on the money. Pitts points out that many who quote Biblical verses choose selected passages to take literally when it allows them to condemn a group or its actions. In this case, Pitts is referring to those who say the Bible condemns gays. Those same Bible quoters tend to skip over the verses that don't fit as conveniently into their own lives.

It reminds me of a great scene on The West Wing when President Bartlett dresses down a thinly veiled Dr. Laura character. When the faux-doctor says the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination, the President peppers her with several other ridiculous questions based on a literal interpretation of the Scripture, primarily Exodus and Leviticus.

That's my take, but Doug Clark interpreted Pitts' column differently.


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