Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jim Black & Tom DeLay - Separated At Birth?

Now that Tom DeLay finally found a clue and will resign from the US House, we can turn our full attention to North Carolina's House Speaker Jim Black. When you think about it, Black is little more than a bad DeLay impersonator.

Let's take a look at Jim Black's playbook, which seems eerily simlar to DeLay's.

Jim Black's Checklist

Develop raging case of helmet head

Learn to wear plastic smile

Get a personal night deposit box

Dole out cash to political cronies

Redistrict state to protect interests

When caught in a scandal, say "Who me?"

Lean on purchased cronies for support

Act innocent and try to ride out the storm

Finally give up and resign in shame

Buy your wife a going away present

Hmmm. Black only has two steps left to be just like his boy DeLay.


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