Sunday, March 26, 2006

Remembering Pete Maravich

I caught part of the Pete Maravich special on CBS this afternoon. I was too young to see him play during his storied college career, but seeing footage of him today brought back memories of stories my dad told me when I was growing up.

My dad and Pete were the same age, so they spent time together when they attended the Campbell College Basketball School. Dad told me Petie, as he was known then, was a prodigy even at 10 and 11. He could do things with a basketball that the high school campers couldn't touch.

Campbell invented the basketball camp, and they had every major college coach and player they wanted as instructors. At the end of the week, the all-star campers always played a team of college players. Despite being much younger than the other good players, Petie starred for the campers' team. My dad said that even though he had to shoot a two-handed set shot to get the ball to the basket, Petie made everything in sight.

Even at ten years old, Pete knew how to please a crowd.


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