Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reassessment of Iraq

"So, when your two main rationales for going to war in the first place turn out to be wrong, how can you say other than that it was a mistake? Wrong is wrong. We can keep compounding the mistake or we can learn something. "

David Boyd has changed his mind about the war in Iraq. Originally a supporter of the war, he now believes it was based on bad intelligence about WMD and the naive notion that coalition forces would be received as liberators.

President Bush sold the war as one of necessity. When he tried to justify the war by trying to tie Iraq to 9/11 and saying Iraq could attack the U.S. in 45 minutes, I had serious doubts about everything else he said about Iraq. I figured if those statements were the best he could do, his motives and intelligence were pretty flimsy.

David Boyd has my respect for reconsidering his public position about Iraq with honesty and maturity, rather than continue to sing a party line most people do not believe. I wish President Bush would follow David's lead by assessing the situation honestly and acknowledging the mistakes, so the entire country could turn its focus to bringing the situation to a reasonable conclusion.


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