Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Pour

Ed Cone has speculated more than once that the future of blogging may include many that cover specialized topics, like community sports or sewing. JR was kind enough to point me to just such a blog recently, The Pour.

The Pour is written by the NY Times' chief wine critic, Eric Asimov. Ed probably envisioned something a little more local, but a big wine blog like this might lead to smaller ones.

Asimov is off to a good start in blogging. As you might expect, even as a newbie his audience dwarfs most bloggers. Part of that is the Times' volume, and part of that is his conversational approach to covering wine.

I keep hoping longtime News & Record wine columnist Ed Williams will start blogging. He is particularly strong in the almost lost art of finding high quality wines that don't strain the wallet. And I bet Ed would get lots of useful tips from his blog readers, since no one can cover all of the wines being produced.

Since Kristen has been pregnant or nursing for the last ten months, we have taken a lengthy break from our typical wine consumption. We both look forward to getting back into our old routine in a few months.

Until then, The Pour will have to suffice, unless Ed decides to get in the game.


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