Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pending Sale Of The Cardinal

Robert Bell reports on the pending sale of the Cardinal Golf and Country Club to Raleigh businessman John McConnell. McConnell bought Raleigh Country Club out of bankruptcy a couple of years ago, and he is generally viewed as a white knight in the Triangle. Since the Cardinal has had financial difficulty for most of the last two decades, this is probably the club's best move.

A year ago, the Cardinal considered selling to a few current members or to a Summerfield resident. More recently, the club entertained offers from Fourwinds Hospitality and local golf course architect Kris Spence. Agreements were reached with one, then the other, but both fell through.

My parents were charter members of the Cardinal in the early 1970's. Back then, the Cardinal was tough as hell and had the best club pro and superintendent in the state. Since that time, the course has become way too short for championship golf due to advances in club and ball designs. The same greens superintendent is in place, but he has very little to work with. A renovation of at least the greens is a necessity.

I hate that the Cardinal has reached the point it must sell, but I hope that McConnell will close on the property and bring the course back to championship quality.


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