Monday, May 01, 2006

From Bad To Worse

It was bad enough that my home golf club was vandalized over the weekend, but things got worse.

When I arrived at work this morning, I found all the drawers in our offices were pulled out, and the front panel of a locked drawer was pried off. We were burglarized sometime after Saturday morning.

In the end, all that I can tell was stolen was $15 of change and maybe $85 of cash that I had collected from my NCAA pool. The amazing thing is that the burglar did not set off our security system.

The burglar literally went from one corner of our manufacturing plant to the opposite corner, then back to where he started. I found a way to make that journey without setting off the motion detectors, but it took several tries.

Considering it was probably dark, hopefully the burglar was in a strange place, and he was quite possibly high (since this was clearly a smash and grab - cell phones and computers were untouched), the burglar was damn lucky not to trip the system.


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