Sunday, February 12, 2006

Michelle Kwan Drops Out

Michelle Kwan has withdrawn from the Winter Olympics, citing an injury she has had for most of the last year. Kwan has been unable to compete recently and missed the US Nationals a month ago. That competition serves as Olympic qualifying every four years.

Rather than acknowledge her career was over, Kwan petitioned for a spot on the Olympic team. A committee of five showed all the spine of a slinky and awarded Kwan an Olympic berth, bumping Emily Hughes from the team. To her credit, Hughes has been classy throughout this ordeal, never disparaging Kwan or her selfish move to bump Hughes out of the Olympics.

With Kwan's withdrawal, Hughes will move from alternate to Olympian, and I suspect she is on a plane to Turin right now. It took Michelle Kwan way too long to do the right thing and let go of her gold medal dreams. I hope that Emily Hughes will be able to step in and perform her best on short notice.


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